Yvonne Fabella

Associate Director of Undergraduate StudiesHistory Undergraduate Advisor

(215) 898-4576

College Hall 208 C

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B.A. in History and French, American University
M.A. in History, University of Maryland at Baltimore County
Ph.D. in History, State University of New York (SUNY) at Stony Brook

Courses Taught

HIST 201 The French Revolution
HIST 233 Pirates, Rebels and Runaways: Unofficial Histories of the Colonial Caribbean
HIST 233 Race, Slavery and Revolution in the French Atlantic World
HIST 233 The French and Haitian Revolutions

Selected Publications

“An Empire Founded on Libertinage: the Mulâtresse and Colonial Anxiety in Saint Domingue.” In Gender, Religion, and Race in the Colonization of the Americas, edited by Nora Jaffary, 109-124. Burlington: The Ashgate Publishing Company, 2007. 

“Redeeming the ‘Character of the Creoles:’ Whiteness, Gender and Creolization in Pre-Revolutionary Saint Domingue,” Journal of Historical Sociology, 23, no. 1 (March 2010): 40-72.