Welcome to the Department of History at the University of Pennsylvania. Over thirty historians in the standing faculty with a broad range of research specialties advance our understanding of the past.

Upcoming Events

Sofya Salomatina (Moscow State University)

Penn Economic History Forum
- | College Hall 209

Legal History Workshop

Fahad Bishara (University of Virginia)

The workshops will continue to be hybrid. Zoom links and classroom location will be available in the calendar invites. Papers will be circulated for each individual workshop closer to the date. Lunch will be…

History Speaking

In an age of wrenching social change and momentous global challenges, history gives us fresh perspectives, important distinctions, and a sense of how we got here. This year, join Penn historians for lively discussions of the past that seek to better orient us in the present. Because as events unfold, that’s History Speaking, too.

Penn & Slavery Project

The Penn & Slavery Project teaches us that no colony, state, or well-funded university was buffered from slavery’s reach. Penn’s story is a national story, and one of great importance to our ongoing efforts to come to terms with our nations’s history of slavery.